Sunday School Starting Again

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Dear Families of Faith Lutheran Church!

We are starting Sunday School up again this Sunday, August 16th, both in-person in the Activity Center for family groups (preschool thru middle school), and online (recorded, not synchronous) for families to join in at home.

We are so excited for Sunday School to begin again!

We ask that you RSVP so that we know how many people to prepare for. Use this Google Form to let us know if you will be joining us!

Please watch this short video PSA explaining what you can expect from Sunday School this fall at Faith Lutheran Church:


THANKS for reading, and as always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know and we will respond as soon as we can.


Jonathan and Austin

You can reach out to Jonathan at and Austin at

Capital Campaign Update

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Mid-Term Status Report, July 2020


Blessings to you all, and Peace from our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Some 18 months ago, Faith Lutheran members embarked on our current capital campaign, GROWING ABUNDANTLY / GIVING ABUNDANTLY.  To carry on the call for discipleship to God’s children, and to lift our hearts and minds for sharing the gift and blessings of Christ’s grace and love, a 36-month campaign was launched to strengthen our financial foundation to better serve in His name.  We report to you today progress for the campaign, which primarily is targeted towards reducing our facilities debt, and accelerating our loan repayment to shorten the scheduled term.

The Campaign established a goal of $750,000, and has received pledges of $543,100 from FLC members.  Pledges for the 3-yr period provide sufficient funds for our monthly mortgage payment; we are blessed!  The $750,000 goal would help accelerate the reduction of the approximate $1.43 million mortgage balance still owed on the original $3.9 million loan.  The graphic illustrates our progress the past 18-months.  Approximately $1 Million +/- in interest savings could be realized if accelerated payments are made.

Faith Lutheran Church has been blessed in countless ways, including the dedication of our wonderful sanctuary in November 2009.  With the spiritual and financial contributions of our faithful members, these blessings continue supporting our mission to KNOW CHRIST + LIVE CHRIST + MAKE CHRIST KNOWN!  If you would like to change your Campaign contributions, or perhaps to begin financial contributions to better enable achieving our spiritual ministries, you can use one of several other giving opportunities below to accelerate Faith’s loan repayment:

Texas Church Extension Fund (CEF) Rebates

“Special” Debt Reduction Gifts

Thrivent Choice $$$

– Memorial Designations

– Will / Estate Proceeds

– Other Christ-Centered Giving

Thank you for your faithfulness and your service in Christ’s name.


The Capital Campaign committee for “Growing Abundantly, Giving Abundantly” consist of David Fischer-Chairman, Ron Jiede, Jane Hutson, Eric Silber, Shelly Curren, and David Wright.  Feel free to contact any committee member, with questions or interest.




Seeing OLD with Tess Todd

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Seeing OLD


We’ve always heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I agree. And, for me, OLD has also been through my eyes. My grandparents were very OLD. I first remember Granny when she was around 60. Short, with gray hair pulled back in a bun, dark ankle length dresses, cotton stockings, black oxfords and an everyday apron. That was during the week. Sundays it was a black dress with white lace collar and a white apron. No makeup. She was on her feet all day. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, canning. And she hummed. Sweet Hour of Prayer and Higher Ground were her favorites. She didn’t make idle conversation. I don’t remember ever seeing her reading. In the evening, she sat in her rocker beside her basket of mending, darning socks, turning collars, patching knees, sewing buttons. She went to bed early. She was widowed in her late fifties, during the height of the Great Depression. She lived with Mother and Daddy the rest of her days. Times were hard. I look at her old age and compare it to mine. And I certainly was not OLD at 60! Those good old days weren’t all that good.


Mother and Daddy weren’t old. They were in their mid-thirties. Just middle aged! Some of our preachers were OLD. They had gray hair. But they could still eat the best pieces of fried chicken when invited to Sunday dinner after church. Some of the people we knew were successful, for the times, and had a dignity and a bearing that kept them from being just plain OLD. We admired them. Just plain OLD was for the common working class, those who had never had and never would have. This viewpoint was through the eyes of a child.


School days saw a mix of teachers. Young and energetic who played games with us, older but still active and some retirement age. Each had their strengths. Some of the older teachers loved history and would tell great stories of Revolutionary and Civil War battles. Many of us appreciated their stories and that they were OLD. Then there were those who didn’t seem to appreciate anything! And, truth be told, I wish I had listened more closely. I wasn’t old enough to realize the importance of learning and remembering.


There was a time when doctors, dentists, judges and pastors were older than I. I respected their age and wisdom. Then I started catching up with them in birthdays. I had trusted everything my doctor told me. I still do, for the most part, but I’m not above googling a second opinion. As for dental work, I measure my life expectancy against any major procedures. And judges? I avoid going before one, I don’t care how old they are. And pastors? They age fast. And they get a lot of practice and they retire before they’re my age. But there’s something about them. If God has called them and given them a message for me, I should listen even if it’s the same Old, Old story and I’ve read the Book. I sometimes have the unsettling feeling that when each of these looks at me they see just another OLD woman. I don’t want them to just see another

OLD woman. I want them to see me. A living breathing human being created in the image of God – not 9/14/32, 210 White Heron Drive.


More important to me than how doctors, lawyers, and Indian chiefs see me, is how my children see me. I want them to see the mother who loved their dad, and who beside him did her best to give them a happy healthy childhood, and a sound set of values. Who loves the ones they’ve chosen to add to our family and who is proud of their children and grandchildren. I want them to see the Mom I’ve always been.


Tess Todd