2019 Summer Quarter Adult Bible Classes

June 2 – August 25


Let’s Travel With Paul

Join us for a journey that covers miles on land and sea. Using the book of Acts as our base, we will touch on Paul’s first and third missionary journeys and concentrate our study on the second trip. Who were these people, especially along the coastline? Why them? What is going on in these places today? Bring your Bible and a friend for a summer trip!


Each Sunday morning worship service includes selected readings from the Bible, liturgically referred to as “The Pericopes for the Day.”  The main reading is the Gospel reading, which this summer is drawn primarily, and for the most part sequentially, from Luke.  This is supplemented by an Old Testament reading, an Epistle reading, and a Psalm.  How the readings fit together and how they inform sermon themes, seasons of the church year, prayers, and hymn selection will be topics of discussion.  Since Scripture speaks with one voice to lead us to Jesus for our salvation, we will listen to the readings in the certain expectation of being drawn closer to Him.

College Age/Young Adult 

This class meets between the two services at the Starbucks at DB Wood/Shell Road and Williams Drive. If you need a ride, please let Grace or Jonathan know so they can introduce you to others who participate. The group reads and discusses Scripture together each week.



Midweek Classes

Where Love Abides / Shelly Curren / Wednesday at 10:30am, B120

An 8-lesson DVD Bible study written by Donna Pyle.  Based on John 15:1-17, it takes an in-depth look at what it means to abide in Jesus, the True Vine, to bear lasting fruit.


Men of Faith / Team taught by the Pastors / Thursday at 6:30am, B116