Winter Bible Classes

January 6th thru March 31st

Holding Your Family Togethertaught by   Jonathan Loesch / Library

                 “5 Simple Steps to Help Bring Your Family Closer to God and Each Other”

Imagine your home… where every person feels loved, valued and heard.  Imagine your family… seeking God’s wisdom, God’s will and God’s Word together.  Imagine your nightly routine… as an experience of caring, sharing, comfort and peace.  Imagining…it’s a beautiful thing. but is it reality?  It can be!  But it won’t happen by wishing it, or by accident.  You need a plan!  Holding Your Family Together is a workable, powerful approach – based on a simple nightly routine – that has transformed families around the world.  Come experience it for yourself…and use it with your family!


The Pericopes / taught by   Pastor Pohland / B116

Each Sunday morning worship service includes selected readings from the Bible, liturgically referred to as “The Pericopes for the Day.”  The main reading is the Gospel reading, which this year will be drawn primarily, and for the most part sequentially, from Luke.  This is supplemented by an Old Testament reading, an Epistle reading, and a Psalm.  How the readings fit together and how they inform sermon themes, seasons of the church year, prayers, and hymn selection will be topics of discussion.  Since Scripture speaks with one voice to lead us to Jesus for our salvation, we will listen to the readings in the certain expectation of being drawn closer to Him.


The Book of Judgestaught by   Dr. Ron Swanson / Activity Center

This course will examine one of the most unusual books in the Bible, the Book of Judges.  This book is predominantly known for describing the lives of Gideon and Samson, but it is much more than just that.  Judges recounts the history of Israel (approximately 400 years) from the time of Joshua to the period of Samuel when the first kings of Israel appear.  Why were judges needed in Israel?  How many judges were there?  How well do you know the judges?  Most people know a little about Samson and Gideon, but what about the others?  The last judge, Samson, dies in the 16th chapter of Judges, but the history of Israel continues in chapters 17 – 21 where some of the most brutal and despicable acts recorded in the scriptures are described.  Throughout the book, the central theme is “And everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).  That theme will be examined in light of the nation Israel in those days as well as considering what is currently happening in our own time and culture.


Colossians / led by Jim Ancmon and Rick Schmidt / B115

                                “The riches God has given us in Christ and the Church”

Participants in this class will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of the topics discussed with the whole class.  The aim is to provide a meaningful learning experience, foster fellowship in the class, and create a place where people’s stories are heard and together we can grow through the sharing of God’s Word. Jim Ancmon and Rick Schmidt (two of our elders), will be the class discussion leaders to provide structure and select the topics.  The leaders will not lecture but will provide background material and references to elicit discussion.


PLEASE NOTE:   The class will be limited to the first 16-20 participants who sign up in order to better facilitate discussion and not over-crowd the classroom provided.  As a foundation, we will begin discussing Paul’s epistle to the Colossians.


Grief Support / led by Mary Lee Florschuetz / Family Room

We have a grief support group that meets in the Family Room during our Bible class hour.  It will continue to meet through the end of this quarter.  New participants are welcome to join the grief support group at any time.  This group has benefited many members and visitors at Faith, and you are welcome to jump in and join us.


College Age/Young Adult / led by Grace Nemec / Starbucks

This class meets between the two services at the Starbuck’s at DB Wood/Shell Road and Williams Drive.  If you need a ride, please let Grace or Jonathan know so they can introduce you to others who participate.  The group reads and discusses Scripture together each week.


Midweek Classes

Where Love Abides / Shelly Curren / Wednesday at 10:30am, B120

An 8-lesson DVD Bible study written by Donna Pyle.  Based on John 15:1-17, it takes an in-depth look at what it means to abide in Jesus, the True Vine, to bear lasting fruit.


Men of Faith / Team taught by the Pastors / Thursday at 6:30am, B116