2019 Spring Quarter Adult Bible Classes

April 7th through May 26th


Families Where Grace Is In Place taught by Jonathan Loesch

We will read and discuss the book Families Where Grace Is in Place, which guides couples and parents toward nurturing God-honoring relationships free of manipulation, legalism, and shame. Author Jeff VanVonderen grounds an approach to marriage and parenting…and really all developmental relationships…in the foundational truths of the Gospel and the need for grace for true change to take place. Together we will discover that hope and life are grounded not in methods or control, but in love and the life of Christ as the source of all life and all authentic change. Through the study of this book and God’s Word, parents will be empowered to raise creative and contented kids and couples build happy and strong marriages.



New Member Class taught by Pastor Pohland

Our Adult New Member Class is offered to anyone in high school or older (older than our youth confirmation program offered in 7th – 8th grades) once each quarter.  This class is typically taught on a Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  If you haven’t been able to dedicate a Saturday to this class, try coming this quarter, seven Sunday mornings, from 9:50-10:50 a.m.  All new members are asked to take this class, whether seminary professors, new to Christianity, retired pastors, long-time Lutherans, or new to Lutheranism.  Join in Christian community discovering the basics of the Christian faith and the tenets of Lutheran Christianity.  This class will be offered again on a Saturday in the summer.  Open to members:  Great refresher course!



The Book of Ecclesiastes taught by Pastor Crowe

“Vanity of vanities! All is vanity…” are the words of Solomon. Though he had great wisdom and wealth, in the end he could not enjoy them. Ecclesiastes is the account of how Solomon viewed life and his pursuit of power and pleasure as a trap that brings deadly silence and leads to emptiness. This negative outlook often rings true and with our bitter experiences as well. However, stay with the book (and the class) as the reader/participant is pulled back from the brink of despair with the firm confession of God’s care and wisdom. There is hope! Jesus Christ is the answer to the questions and mysteries that Ecclesiastes poses about life, living, and the life to come (12:7)



Ephesians led by Jim Ancmon and Rick Schmidt

Subsequent to our profitable time in Colossae, we will move toward the coast and discuss Paul’s epistle to the church at Ephesus. Our aim is to provide a worthwhile learning experience, to foster fellowship in the class, and to create a place where people’s stories are heard; so that together we can grow through the sharing of God’s Word. Jim Ancmon (an elder at Faith) will be the class discussion leader providing structure and selecting the topics. The leader will not lecture but will provide background material and references to elicit discussion… class participants will have the opportunity to contribute their relevant wisdom and life experience to the class.


PLEASE NOTE:   The class will be limited to the first 16-20 participants who sign up in order to better facilitate discussion and not over-crowd the classroom provided.



College Age/Young Adult  led by Grace Nemec and Adam Perez

This class meets between the two services at the Starbucks at DB Wood/Shell Road and Williams Drive. If you need a ride, please let Grace or Jonathan know so they can introduce you to others who participate. The group reads and discusses Scripture together each week.



Grief Support led by Mary Lee Florschuetz

We have a grief support group that meets in the Family Room during our Bible class hour.  It will continue to meet through the end of this quarter.  New participants are welcome to join the grief support group at any time.  Please see Mary Lee with questions.  This group has benefitted many members and visitors at Faith, and you are welcome to jump in and join us.



Midweek Classes

Where Love Abides / Shelly Curren / Wednesday at 10:30am, B120

An 8-lesson DVD Bible study written by Donna Pyle.  Based on John 15:1-17, it takes an in-depth look at what it means to abide in Jesus, the True Vine, to bear lasting fruit.


Men of Faith / Team taught by the Pastors / Thursday at 6:30am, B116