Summer Bible Classes

June 3rd thru August 26th

LifeLight:  Miracles  / B115 / Small Groups

Participants will personally study the miracles of Jesus during the week in their daily time with God, and come together each Sunday morning with their small group for discussion and conversation, sharing together what we are learning through God’s Word and the LifeLight study materials during the week.  These small groups will meet, talk, discuss and pray together weekly, so you will meet each week with the same small group, but this is still a great class to come to even if you travel over the summer and are able to participate in daily study but occasionally have to miss a small group time.  The study explores the miracles Jesus performed during His ministry on earth and studies His miraculous power over sickness, Satan, creation, and more.  In addition, Miracles covers miracles from the Old Testament and questions about miracles today.


Isaiah  / Activity Center / taught by Dorothy Spencer

This class started in April.  We will continue to look at the man Isaiah as well as the book of “Isaiah.”  We will note the influence “Isaiah” has had on other literature as well as music, including our own hymnal and Handel’s “Messiah.”  Plan to sing!  So, bring your Bible and a desire to dig into one of the most loved and beautiful books of the Bible. Bring a friend, too.


Exploring Luther’s Small Catechism  / B116 / taught by Aaron Mahlke

What does it mean to be a Lutheran Christian?  This course provides a comprehensive review of Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation.  There is a participant guide for use during class as well.  Great refresher course for anyone, and if you’ve wondered what is unique about Lutheran Christianity, this is the course for you.


College Age/Young Adult  / led by Adam Perez

This class meets between the two services at the Starbuck’s at DB Wood/Shell Road and Williams Drive. If you need a ride, please let the office know so she can introduce you to others who participate. The group reads and discusses Scripture together each week.