A Conversation with Virginia Lazenby

Virginia Lazenby is founder of Seniors Living Smarter Services, and host of the monthly Seniors Living Smarter seminars (currently online). An active Texas Realtor and Certified Senior Housing Professional, Mrs. Lazenby has served on the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and Commission on Aging. A fervent and innovative advocate for seniors, Virginia’s mission is to educate, equip, and inspire seniors to live life with a plan, and with the best quality of life in view.

The video interview is presented in three parts:

Part One: An Uncommon Inspiration for Serving Seniors

In Part 1 we get to know Virginia and her passion for helping senior adults. We learn about Virginia’s work with the non-profit Vibrant Living Senior Expo and her own entrepreneurial ventures such as Seniors Living Smarter and Downsizing Made Easy.

Part Two: Quality of Life, Aging “Successfully,” and Senior Living Communities

In Part 2, Virginia and I turn to her work as a Certified Senior Housing Professional and Certified Senior Downsizing Coach, looking at types of senior living communities, quality of life issues, what it means to age “successfully,” and real-life concerns you might have about transitioning from your house and home into a new senior community.

Part Three: A Philosophy of Downsizing and Five Easy Steps

In Part 3 we learn what a downsizing coach does, explore the practical issues related to downsizing, as well as learn the Five Easy Steps to a successful move and lifestyle transition.

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Contact Virginia Lazenby: (512) 818-0988 or go to seniorslivingsmarter.com


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