Sunday’s 9:45-10:45 AM

2-year-olds through 2nd Grade in C-101 (downstairs)
and 3rd-5th Graders in C-205 (Upstairs)



We strive to create a place for children to grow in the Christian faith.


Sunday School at Faith is…

A place to learn about God, the Bible and God’s purpose for our lives!

A place that’s safe and an environment that’s welcoming!

A place to make new friends and strengthen friendships!

A place to celebrate God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ!

A place that values and recognizes the diversity of children!

A place to sing, pray, ask questions, do crafts and help others—all in Jesus’ name!

A place where teachers love kids, love Jesus, & love to tell about the love of Jesus!

A place to have fun with the same age kids!

A place to grow in the understanding of God’s Word and faith in Jesus Christ!

A place to partner with parents in the Christian education of children!

A place where children are accepted as important persons in the body of Christ!

A place to learn how much Jesus loves and cares for each person!

A place to belong — with God’s great family!

If you are considering Children’s Sunday School for the first time, we know that you probably have a few questions first. For example, we get asked all the time…

How to Enroll Your Child

You may enroll your child directly with your child’s teacher. Maps of classroom locations can be found at the “Welcome Center” in the entry way to the church.


Dropping Off & Picking Up Your Child

We ask that parents of children in the Preschool—Kindergarten classes sign their child in upon drop off, and sign them out at pick up time.


Our Sunday School Teachers & Staff

We have a loving & caring staff of volunteer teachers and helpers, all of whom love the Lord and love kids. All participate in our annual “Risk Management” program.


Classroom Discipline

Our discipline policy exists to ensure each child is given the optimal learning environment by which to grow in the knowledge and grace of God in Christ Jesus. Our policy on classroom discipline is available upon request.


Sunday School Offerings

Every Sunday each child is given the opportunity to respond to the goodness of God in the form of our Sunday School offering. Through our offerings, we support a variety of missions both locally and globally.


What Parents Do During Sunday School

Most parents attend a Bible class during the Sunday School hour. A few assist in a Sunday School class or in the church nursery. We do, however, ask that parents of Sunday School children remain on the church campus during the Sunday School time.


Me… a Sunday School Helper?

If you are interested in helping as a Sunday School assistant, teacher, or other staff helper, please call or e-mail Jonathan. We’d be happy to answer any questions about your role and involvement in our Sunday School.


My Devotions & Happy Times

My Devotions is a booklet of short devotions for students in 2nd – 6th grade that comes out quarterly. Happy Times is a booklet for students ages 3 – 1st grade that comes out monthly. Look for either or both in your church mailbox. Parents are encouraged to make family devotions a regular routine during the week.



Looking for More Information?

Please, do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions.