Worship Service, February 21, 2021

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Welcome to The First Sunday in Lent!

Due to the severity of the winter storm, we were not able to pre-record the service this week. The service will be recorded live this morning, and we will post the recording here around noon today. Please stay tuned.
Please note the Attendance Card is now located on the right hand of the screen. →
Please also note the addition of the Worship Guide. It is downloadable via the link in the side bar on the right hand of the screen. →


Other Sunday Services

In Christian Service: 

All disciples of the Lord Jesus 


Proclaimer  –  Rev. Bill Crowe 

Liturgist  –  Rev. Walt Pohland 

Organist: Karen Darby 

 Lay Readers: 

9:30 Reader –  Melinda Graf 

11:00 Reader –  La Nell Hill 

Children’s Chapel: 

DCE Jonathan Loesch, DCE Austin Angerman