This God—His way is perfect;
the word of the LORD proves true;
He is a shield for all those
who take refuge in Him.
(Psalm 18:30)

Your way is always perfect, O God, and Your word is always true. The same cannot be said of my way and my word. Forgive me. Turn me in faith to Your Son, Jesus. Make Him my refuge, in Whose blood I find forgiveness in beneath Whose cross I find peace. Amen.

preparing your minds for action,
and being sober-minded,
set your hope fully on the grace
that will be brought to you
at the revelation of Jesus Christ.
(1 Peter 1:13)

Spirit of God, by the word of Christ prepare me to act according to my faith, always looking ahead to the day of Jesus’ return. Satan tempts me to act contrary to my faith and thus discredit the name of my Lord Jesus. Keep me clear-headed for spiritual battle and reliant always on divine grace. Amen.

And [Jesus] said to His disciples,
“Temptations to sin are sure to come,
but woe to the one
through whom they come!”
(Luke 17:1)

In Your holiness You alone, Lord Jesus, resisted every temptation to sin. Satan could not trap or entice You. Grant me Your strength, that, when surely tempted, I neither give in to sin nor cause anyone else to sin. I pray this in Your forgiving and saving name. Amen

Christ redeemed us
from the curse of the law
by becoming a curse for us
—for it is written,
“Cursed is everyone
who is hanged on a tree.”
(Galatians 3:13)

At the cost of Your blood, Lord Jesus, You paid for my release from sin and death. By Your cross You transformed curse into blessing and death into life. Keep me always astonished by the depth of Your love for sinners like me. I ask this in Your name. Amen.

[Our God,]
we do not know what to do,
but our eyes are on You.
(2 Chronicles 20:12b)

Most holy God, You know that I am often confused and confounded. In this age of inconclusive science, “fake news,” and social disintegration, calm my mind and direct my heart by focusing my eyes on Jesus. By Your Spirit make Your Son my certainty and His promise of everlasting life my joy. Amen.

He who saw it has borne witness
—his testimony is true,
and he knows that he is telling the truth
—that you also may believe.
(John 19:35)

So that others—many others, all others—may share in the joy of eternal life, help me in word and deed to bear witness to Jesus’ death and resurrection. By His gospel shatter all unbelief and convert all unbelievers. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

But the LORD of hosts,
Him you shall honor as holy.
(Isaiah 8:13a0

Almighty Commander of the armies of heaven, You alone are able to exercise divine power for the blessing of the nations of the world. Mercifully forgive the idolatries by which I sinfully honor as holy any “god” beside You, and by Jesus’ purify and intensify my reverence of Your holy name. Amen.



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