Who will not fear, O Lord, and glorify Your name?
For You alone are holy.
All nations will come and worship You,
for Your righteous acts have been revealed.
(Revelation 15:4)

In Jesus Christ, Your Son, You have revealed Your righteousness, holy Father.  He is the one and only Savior of all nations.  At the Last Day all will come and worship Him, but even today gather many into His presence.  Around the globe fill Christian churches with worshippers, feed them with Your word, and then send them home to flood the world with prayer.  Amen.

Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and God our Father, Who loved us and gave us eternal comfort and good hope through grace, comfort your hearts and establish them in every good work and word.
(2 Thessalonians 2:16-17)

Turn me upside-down, Lord Jesus.  Establish my heart in every good work and word.  Forgive me for anger that substitutes evil words for good, for fear that keeps silent in the face of evil, and for laziness and greed that shun works that serve others while expecting others to do works that serve me.  Amen.

Then those who were at table with Him began to say among themselves,
“Who is this, who even forgives sins?”
(Luke 7:49)

Of all Your miracles, Lord Jesus, the most confounding is that You cancel out my sins by covering them with Your holiness.  With Your blood You pay my debts.  Make me as willing to forgive as You are, and as generous as You in granting pardon to the undeserving.  I ask this in Your name.  Amen.

A soft answer turns away wrath,
but a harsh word stirs up anger.
(Proverbs 15:1)

You spoke in the beginning, almighty God, and called all things into being by Your word.  Help me use language carefully, to build and not destroy, to heal and not hurt, to bless and not curse.  I ask this through Christ Jesus, Your Word made flesh.  Amen.

For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face.
Now I know in part; then I shall know fully,
even as I have been fully known.
(1 Corinthians 13:12)

Keep me humble, Spirit of truth; spare me from presuming to know more than I do. Your ways are higher than mine, therefore much remains hidden to me. Bless my spiritual curiosity by leading me always closer to Jesus, in Whose face I see God and by Whose grace I will know Him fully. Amen.

And now, O Lord, for what do I wait?
My hope is in You.
(Psalm 39:7)

I’m waiting (not patiently!) for an end to this pandemic; I’m waiting (not patiently!) for a return of public civility; I’m waiting (not patiently) for some relief to the day-to-day grind that seems to have wearied the world. Teach me, Lord, to wait on You cheerfully and confidently in the full expectation of blessing, for You work all things together for good and You alone are my hope. In Christ Jesus. Amen.

So the word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily.
(Acts 19:20)

Make it so again, Spirit of God! Cover the globe with the gospel of Christ Jesus crucified and raised again. According to Your will, use even me as a speaker of Jesus’ name and a conduit of His love. Put Your might into my words and deeds so that they prevail in missionary purpose. Amen.



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