Sharing God’s Love

One SMILE at a time!


Do you like to SMILE?  Meet new people?  Would you like to be on a Greeter team at our church?


The Holy Spirit has led ALL that come through our doors. It’s our responsibility for ALL to feel God’s love and show our eagerness for ALL to hear the good news of HIS sacrifice for ALL.


Our Greeters are like a lens on a camera that brings into focus the true picture of our church and God’s love for ALL.  Be that reason someone feels His love and wants to return again and again!


You will be assigned to greet once every 6-7 weeks.  We encourage ALL members – including children!  You will be given a schedule before the end of the year. There are always options to trade with others on dates.


“Welcome him in the Lord with great joy!”  Philippians 2:29.

Sign up to be on a Greeter Team for 2022



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